Autistry Studios offers a range of services to help students improve their real-world functioning and to support parents. This work is done in the context of hands-on experiential workshops and other programs in our facility and in the community.

We currently offer two different but related programs for students: our Core Workshop Program and the Autistry Comprehensive Adult Program.

For families/parents we offer family or individual therapy and education seminars.

For professionals, we offer courses applicable to the Continuing Education requirements of many types of professional licenses.

The Build Stuff Core Workshops

The Build Stuff Core Workshops meet once a week and offer nearly one-on-one staffing in small groups of 3-7 students. The emphasis is on producing projects, improving behavior and performance. The student chooses the projects and we facilitate the completion of projects while working on planning, communication, and problem solving skills. A wide range of behavior issues are also addressed in this program. Any skills required are taught and students gain competence in a wide range of technologies.

We work with ages 13 and up and all verbal levels in our Build Stuff groups. We group students by age and verbal ability. Our college age, higher verbal students attend College Support/Build Stuff groups.

Groups meet once a week for four hours. Groups for high school age students meet on either Saturday or Sunday. Groups for adults meet on Thursdays or Fridays.

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Autistry Comprehensive Adult Program (ACAP)

The Autistry Comprehensive Adult Program (ACAP) is a three, four, or five day a week program staffed at 2 students per staff person and is a community based day program. The emphasis is on providing a rich learning experience that includes many of the experiences common to normally developing citizens in their young adult years. The activities cover education, vocation, life skills, and physical fitness.

In general we should be able to attend one or two courses (with our in-class and out of class support) at College of Marin or other local post secondary institution. During the summer months there is higher emphasis on vocational and life skills activities.

ACAP students must be age 18 or older. While students have some input on activities, to a large extent they are participating in a predetermined schedule of activities in groups of 2-6 students. Where possible we strive to create compatible cohorts. Students attend a regular weekly schedule three to five days a week from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Students may attend a partial week schedule on a space available/staff available basis.

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Other Services and Programs

Individual, group, and family counseling is available to support our students as they navigate the difficult issues of launching, self-discovery, and new relationships. We also offer groups for families and siblings.

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Continuing Education for Professionals